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How Do You Deal with Life in Times of High Industrial Concentration?

Grappling with life as a designer and consumer amid the rise of monopolies.

Tech Without Losing Your Soul Newsletter, April 2024

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The Year in Power Struggles

In 2023, AI became the new kid on the same block. It can certainly make our lives and systems more efficient, but if that efficiency is not aiming to redesign our centralized or inequitable systems of power, can we truly call it revolutionary? 

Newsletter, December 2023

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Designers Have a Seat At the Table. Now, What Should They Do With It?

Amid layoffs, burnout, and the rise of AI, designers are questioning how to build a more inclusive and sustainable future for themselves and each other.

Fast Company, March 2023

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On Identity, Solidarity, & Parenting in Late Capitalism: An Interview with Claire Stapleton

LC: Do you think it’s possible to successfully detach our identity from our work?

CS: I don't know if people can fully divorce their identity from work, but there are people operating from a sense of groundedness in what their skills are and what they want to contribute to the world. And when you have that groundedness, you can deploy that in many different contexts and environments. And then you can also assess and gut check environments in a more honest and authentic way. I really do feel like a lot of this is about developing more of a sense of self.

Newsletter, February 2023

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How Deindustrialization Shaped My Working-Class Family

Dad stood at the edge of the shore, witnessing the ocean for the first time, at 40. His green eyes peered into the horizon, unstirred by the waves that crashed into his bare feet, liberated from the weight of his factory boots.

In These Times, March 2022

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The Potential, the Pitfalls, and the Long Fight for Accessible Technology: An Interview with Prasanna Venkatesh

LC: How do you define accessibility, and what does it mean to engage in accessibility as a critical practice in the way we shape technology?

PV: Accessibility, to me, doesn’t just conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines only; it means I am able to use the same product or service in a different way compared to abled folks. Accessibility allows people with limited capabilities to be able to operate independently to some extent. At its root, it is a practical approach to designing facilities or workflows that ensures equitable access to anyone trying to use them.

Newsletter, October 2022

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There’s a Crack in the Pavement

The day I met Massimo Vignelli I was a bundle of nerves. It was Spring 2011, my first time in New York City, and my mind buzzed from all the stimulation around me–the blaring sound of the taxi horns, the stench of pizza and garbage hitting my face, the hypnosis of the jumbo screens in Times Square. I scurried my feet throughout the city, eventually arriving at the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where Vignelli lived.

UX Collective, June 2021

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