As an interview journalist and moderator for remote and IRL events, I seek to illuminate how human emotion, agency, relationships, and creativity is evolving as technology advances. For interview assignments, email me.


Episode 2: To Participate, Tech Without Losing Your Soul

Featuring AI Researcher, Dr. Aekta Shah, this interview explores the power dynamics behind the creation of artificial intelligence, the struggles and moral dilemmas of the modern tech worker, and what it means to participate and “opt in” to a more responsible way of creating and engaging with AI tools.

Love-Hate: The Digital Age, with Daniel Jones and Lauren Celenza, Unfinished Festival

In this interview, I sit down with Daniel Jones, editor of Modern Love, the New York Times weekly column, book, podcast, and television show, on what it means to find love and connection in a time of polarization, the pitfalls of self-curation in dating apps, and trying to find intimacy and authenticity in the age of AI.

Reimagining Design with Dario Calmese, Unfinished Festival

Step into the world of Dario Calmese, an American visual artist and design theorist. Known for making history as the first-ever Black photographer to shoot a Vanity Fair cover in 2020, featuring Viola Davis, Dario's work dissects the interplay of cultural production across photography, design, fashion, and performance. At the end of his presentation, I interview him about his work and vision for the future.

LC: “When starting a new project, what is the first step you take?”

DC: “I listen. I just listen. And listen and listen and listen.”

Episode 1: To Remember, Tech Without Losing Your Soul

Featuring Romanian-based artist Capucine Gros, this interview explores how media influences our perspective on memory and death, the persisting bias in maps, and the role of artists in the age of AI.

Interview with Anthony Burrill, graphic artist, Unfinished Festival

Discover the origin of the iconic motto and poster, 'WORK HARD & BE NICE TO PEOPLE,' as shared by graphic artist Anthony Burrill. The story began in a supermarket when Anthony overheard an elderly lady proclaiming it as the secret to a happy life to the cashier. You Have the Answer unfolds the art of simplicity mastered by Anthony to navigate our chaotic world – from protest through type to striking wildfire charcoal prints. At the end of Anthony’s presentation, I interview him about the significance of visual and written communication for sense-making, protesting, and uniting.

Quiet Bias, Silent Places, Unfinished Festival 

In this interview, I sit down with award-winning Brazilian photographer-historian João Paulo Barbosa, who explores the Anthropocene's and technology’s influence on the coldest regions of the world. I also interview Israeli visual communications artist Roni Levit. Discover their unique perspectives on navigating the world, blending insights on climate, data, technology, and design.

LC: “When you are experiencing the cold and silent regions of the Earth, what is it that you feel?”

JPB: “I feel alive.”

12 Questions for Love, Live Event

In celebration of the Emmy award-winning documentary series, {THE AND}, and the launch of the book, 12 Questions for Love, I hosted a series of interviews with author and founder Topaz Adizes, best-selling author Sonya Renee Taylor, Bosco from poetry duo GRIOT, and participants of {THE AND.} In this event, we explore how to find and deepen our emotional connection with one another amid a tech-infused, solutions-focused culture.

Vulnerability as a Creative Channel, Unfinished Festival

In this interview, I speak with award-winning creative director Ramona Todoca about the power of being a multidisciplinary creative, the subtle art of fostering creativity within teams, and how vulnerability can serve as a channel for innovation.  

A Conversation with Sharon

A short film highlighting a visit with Sharon, a retiree living with low vision in Seattle. We discuss what her daily life is like with technology, the ways in which access and agency is expanded or diminished, and what it means to design for greater accessibility. Made with Flo Truong.