LAUREN CELENZA                                                           


As an international public speaker, she shares research, lessons,
workshops, and personal stories on inclusive design, power, and the
barriers that the Internet removes and creates. Get in touch to
inquire about engagements.

Clip from ‘Inclusive Design in a World of Exclusion & Chaos’
Presented at Learners Design Conf, 2021

The Seven Types of Fear on the Internet, 2+ years of ongoing research.
Presented at Her Online Network Paris & Hmnty Cntrd, 2021

Live reading of ‘There’s a Crack in the Pavement’
Presented at Unmuted Stories, 2021

Selected Speaking Events
2021    ‘Inclusive Design in a World of Exclusion & Chaos,’ Learners Design Conf
2021    ‘The Seven Types of Fear On the Internet,’ Her Online Network Paris & Hmnty Cntrd
2021     Live reading of ‘There’s a Crack in the Pavement’ for Unmuted Stories
2020   ‘Listen, Feel, Unite,’ Facebook Event, Tel Aviv, Israel
2019    One Thing Real Quick Podcast: A Conversation with Lauren Celenza
2019    The Power of Co-Creation, Co-presented with Nigerian local guides, Silicon Valley
2018    ‘Google Maps for Motorbikes,’ DesignUp Conf, Bangalore with Raj Arjan
2018    Flo Truong + Lauren Celenza, League of Women Designers, Portland, Oregon

2021   ‘Listening to User Needs & Values’ Workshop, conducted for World Resources Institute
2021   ‘Designing for Inclusion & Equity’ Lecture at BrainStation
2020   Adjunct Design Professor at Harbour Space University, Barcelona, Spain
2019    ‘Listen, Feel, Unite’ Workshop, conducted for Swiggy Design team, Bangalore, India
2018    Designing with Emerging Cities, DIS in Hong Kong

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