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Photo by Mollie Adams
Lauren is an international designer and researcher; born and raised from a hard-working family in the Midwest of the US. Through her roots and travels, she is driven by the intention of provoking and shaping technology in ways that are more accessible and relevant for our times.

She currently serves as a Lead Designer at Google Maps, working with a global team. Her work has taken her across 6 continents, where she listens and works with local communities to make maps work better for their cities. She recently led the redesign of Google Maps navigation for motorbikes, now launched across Southeast Asia and Africa. Her work and co-creation approach has been featured by Forbes, The New York Times, BBC, and Quartz.

Prior to Google, she studied design at SCAD, co-published a book that documented a neighborhood in Hong Kong, and designed experiences for The Gates Foundation, P&G, Citizen Schools, and more.

She also teaches courses and workshops around the world. This work demonstrates the power of co-creating with local communities and becoming awakened to our own biases as makers of tech. This approach enables more growth and opportunity for teams seeking to expand to new markets or stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

She is currently based in Seattle, but often travels, by airplane and video chat.

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