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Lauren is a designer, researcher, and writer. She was born in Flint, Michigan and raised in rural Ohio. Her work has taken her across six continents–where she researches, documents, and shapes technology in ways that are more inclusive and mindful of the global challenges of our time. 

She currently serves as a Design Lead for Google Maps, working with global teams and local communities to make maps more accessible for emerging cities around the world. Her recent work includes co-creating with local communities in Nigeria to map out transit systems in Lagos for the first time in history, and leading the design of navigation for motorbikes–now launched across 38 countries with 80 million active participants. Her work and inclusive design methods have appeared in Forbes, The New York Times, BBC, and Quartz.

Before Google, she designed experiences for a number of tech startups and nonprofits, including The Gates Foundation and Citizen Schools. She also co-authored Tilting the Lens, a book that documented the historic preservation of a neighborhood in Hong Kong.

She is currently based in Seattle, but no longer travels, due to the COVID-19 era. She now travels by video chat.

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